Barmer Applique Saree:

Rajasthan’s applique work is done along with embroidery for providing an additional touch of decoration. Performed on a variety of products like Barmer applique saree, wall hangings, clothes, bedsheets, luggage, mattresses and more. The basic fabric is light in weight and mostly white. To create a lovely applique wow factor, eye-catching patterns, colors and forms are organized in a logical manner. Applique is a western art form in which two pieces of fabric are stitched together and embroidered with metals, wood or glass. Arabian or Middle Eastern people brought this art into India through trade interaction. Especially in Rajasthan and Orissa, it has been practiced by since then. The Marwari communities create the most prestigious Rajasthani Applique work. Rajasthani’s applique work is thought to have been inspired by the Egyptians due to the dense workmanship achieved by both genders. Making a Barmer applique is a time-consuming process. The first move is to decide on the base color of the fabric for the applique work. It can come in a variety of shades, both dark and bright. The base’s form is then defined, such as a circle, rectangle, triangle, or oval. People have done this conventional artistic work in communities since ancient times. It is passed on from one generation to the next. Experienced designers work on more difficult projects. While newcomers to the industry work on the simpler ones such as border stitching. It acts as a decent training ground for achieving higher levels of performance and successfully completing more complex designs.