Amounee is a word taken from mantra of power, real inner power, written in gurmukhi by Shri Guru Gobind singh. It literally translates to “beyond silence“.

“A country remains poor in wealth both materially and intellectually if it doesnot develop its handicrafts and its industries. It lives a lazy parasitic life by importing all the manufactured articles from outside”.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Our aim is to finally realize this ideal because our artisans need us more than ever. The need of the hour is a concrete solution that’s modern, revolutionary and capable of bringing about true change.

In spite of endless planning and discussion by various factions at various times, the dwindling situation of our artisans hasn’t really changed. It’s crucial that we take some tangible step in order to help them out of their unceasing plight by empowering them. In today’s world the perfect way to provide them with the required impetus is by providing them a digital platform. So that they can interact with buyers directly, eliminating middlemen entirely.

Our primary objective is to connect the artisans directly to the urban market. Our strategy provides digital platform where nationwide clients can conveniently establish communication and business with the rural artisans.

These Artists will get remunerated fairly with no middlemen to manipulate prices. City dwelling urban Indians get access to 100% authentic handcrafted products emerging straight from the heart of India. All taking place in the comfort of their living rooms.

This will help in the digitization of the hand-loom and textile industry. Moreover, it will help to generate tremendous income in rural poverty stricken areas. Amounee helps provide a personalized buying experience for textile-lovers and bring back handicrafts and handloom in the public attention. Other direct benefits are affordable price points for premium products hence the handloom and textile industry benefits hugely due to boosted sales. Amounee is the most convenient hassle free way to shop authentic textiles and crafts from the most improbable places.