About Craft:

Sahaj is a part of an organized social movement that seeks to promote the sustainable development of rural and tribal communities. Sahaj is working with tribal women artisans of eastern Gujarat since 989. It provides home-based livelihood opportunities to address the issue of annual migration. This increases family income, allows children to remain in school and stabilizes families in safer, healthier environments. Their core purpose is to encourage economic empowerment of women artisan through handicrafts. Uplift their social status and strive for their education, health and financial security. They are working with 3000 tribal artisans at present. Out of which 1200 women are working on direct activities and earn around 45000 per annum. Sahaj envisions an inclusive, equitable and healthy society where men and women support each other in every aspect of life and enjoy their right to realize their full potential. Buy Sahaj danglers directly from the artisans. With every purchase of danglers of yours, you empower an artisan.