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Pine Needle

Though pine needle basket weaving is a centuries-old craft, it is still as inexpensive, natural and unique. The women of Chamba (and neighbouring villages) are being trained to work with this abundantly available raw material and make innovative products. One of the several organizations that conduct such trainings and workshops is Due North. Though it is essentially an experiential and rural tourism venture, the trainings fall under its craft chapter. Pine needles are woven, coiled or braided to make products like table-mats, coasters, candle-holders, toys, jewelry (rings, bangles, necklaces etc.) and Christmas tree charms. Chamba is a small hill-town in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, about fifty kilometers from Mussoorie. Located amidst dense pine trees and deodar forests, it offers invigorating views of the Himalayas. There are several villages around Chamba where a lot of pine related products are being made. These include Rani Chauri, Jadi Paani and Saur. In earlier times when there was no electricity in these villages, the bark of the pine trees was used to light fire. The needles are also used to insulate the ceilings of Kachhe Makaan (Mud Houses) and prevent the rain from washing them away.