Several terms in the text below are capitalized, the definitions of which can be found under the ‘User Agreement’ in Amounee’s Terms of service. is more than just an online store; we strive to improve your experience in discovering different crafts across India and maintain your curiosity by introducing new products straight from the hands of artisans.  On this page, we have drafted the necessary information for Buyers which would help them in knowing the functionality of the website.

As a buyer, you understand and accept that upon initiating a Transaction on the Website, you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract with the seller to purchase the items from the seller using Payment on Billing as the method of payment to pay the Transaction Price which shall be paid to the seller through your Issuing Bank. You agree and acknowledge that the Company is only a facilitator of collection and remittance of Transaction Price. No interest or any benefits whatsoever is given to or can be claimed by the Buyer on the Transaction Price collected by the Company through and of the prescribed payment methods.

You may agree with the seller on the commercial terms of the Transaction including terms of Dispatch and Delivery time or any extension thereof by way of exchange of electronic records/ electronic communication by using the features as may be provided on the Website and the Transaction shall stand amended to such extent, provided that any such variation of the terms of the Transaction are not in violation of the User Agreement and the rules and policies made thereunder.

Payment Method: 

You shall pay the Transaction Price through the available methods of payment i.e. Payment on Billing, for the Transactions conducted on the Website. You will be intimated when the Transaction Price is credited to the account of the Company, which will be confirmed by the Website. The Website shall notify the Buyer upon Payment Confirmation as provided herein.


Buyers are not permitted to buy any product without making a payment of the Transaction Price by Payment on Billing method or such other payment method provided by the Company on the Website, in respect of the product as described in the listing.

Contact Information:

The contact details provided by you on the Website shall be accurate and current at all times and you shall be obliged to update any change in your contact information on the Website immediately. The Company takes no responsibility for any delay/non-delivery of the goods on account of the failure of the User to update the contact information provided on the Website and any consequent negative feedback by the buyer will be deleted or modified.


You shall use the feedback and review mechanism to communicate your fair opinion and facts in respect of any User or the Website or your experience whilst using the Website, known to you from first-hand experience only. You shall not include any hearsay information or information that results in maligning any User, brand, or product in your feedback. You must inform the Company immediately on becoming aware of a violation of any applicable laws or violation of the provisions of this User Agreement and the rules and policies made thereunder.

Limit on the volume of Transactions:

The Company reserves the right to limit the amount payable and the volume of the Transaction that may be conducted on a single Valid Card/ Valid Bank Account by a Buyer and may refuse to process Transactions exceeding such limits and may also block certain Valid Cards or Valid Bank Accounts that are suspected to be misused while paying the Transaction Price.

Verification of payment:

To prevent any misuse, a payment (in whichever method) of the Transaction Price initiated by the Buyer may be flagged or kept on hold for additional checks and verification in which case the Company may contact the buyer for verification of or additional information, details, data and documents. The Company may not confirm the payment if such information, details, data and documents are false, misleading, incorrect or incomplete and consequently, the Valid Card and/or the Valid Bank Account will not be charged. In such a case, the Dispatch timelines will not commence until Payment Confirmation. The result of the checks and verification shall be communicated to the buyer and seller.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to process Transaction Price in respect of Transactions by Buyers with a prior history of questionable charges including without limitation breach of any agreements by Buyer with the Company or breach/violation of any applicable law or any charges imposed by the Issuing Bank.

Payment Confirmation:

In case of payment by Payment on Billing, upon successful receipt of the Transaction Price by the Company from the Buyer within [2] days of booking the Transaction and completion of verification of payment in accordance with the clause above, the Company shall notify the buyer and the seller that the Transaction Price has been received as payment gateway takes maximum up to 48 hours to authorize the payment.

Dispatch Details:

The seller or the Company shall provide the Dispatch Details on the Website within [5] days from the Payment Confirmation or within such timelines as may be agreed upon between the buyer and seller on the Website. In case of Delivery outside India (in which case the only electronic payment shall be acceptable), the Dispatch Details will be entered on the Website within [5] days of Payment Confirmation.


The time within which the seller or the Company is required to ensure delivery of the items to the buyer shall be calculated from the time the seller/Company enters the Dispatch Details on the Website i.e. within 7 working days from entering the Dispatch Details for delivery within India and within 21 days from entering the Dispatch Details for delivery outside India or such other timeline as may have been agreed upon between the buyer and seller and intimated on the Website.

Delivery confirmation:

You shall immediately notify the Website upon non Delivery within the prescribed time period. If you fail to provide such notification/ confirmation of non-receipt of an item within [5] days of the expiry of the Delivery time prescribed in the above clause, it shall be construed as a deemed Delivery in respect of that Transaction and the Transaction Price shall not be refunded.

Refunds, Returns and exchange:

We believe variations are the beauty of handmade products & this is what makes them unique. Imperfections/irregularities in the product cannot be termed as defects, as these are intrinsic to the handmade process. Refund on the basis of such queries will not be entertained. We request you to check the product details thoroughly before buying any product. Many of the products(fabric) are made of natural colors & may bleed during the first few washes and therefore need special care. Kindly follow the instructions mentioned properly to increase the longevity of the product.

  1. In case of damage/defect found in the product while it is received, a complaint with clear pictures of the defected area should be filed at the time of receiving the product. This should be mailed at or a return request should be filed through the website. We will get back to you within 48 hours of receiving the complaint. A pickup for the product will be initiated after the query has gone through and been found valid by our quality team. The sole decision of considering the validity of the query after hearing it from the customer however lies with the quality team. A refund or a gift voucher against the refundable amount will be issued thereafter.
  2. In case you do not raise a refund claim using the Website or through email within the prescribed time you shall not be ineligible for a refund.
  1. In case of exchange for reasons such as color, size, a return request should be filed within 24 hours of receiving the product with a reason. Our team upon receiving the request would get back to you. Once your request is approved you need to aptly package and ship the product to the mentioned address in its original condition. The exchange/return will be subjected to the terms mentioned in the respective product’s listing on the website. If the return or exchange is allowed in the product’s listing, the request shall be entertained and the customer will have to pay the applicable courier charges, as well as applicable payment gateway charges.
  1. If you return the product without a mail of approval from Amounee & the product gets lost or is received in a damaged condition, the customer will have to bear the price of the product.
  1. In case the product is lost because of a wrongly fed address by the client or the product sent back to the address without prior consent from the team Amounee will not be liable for any refunds.
  1. For orders done by customers residing in India: A transactional SMS will be sent to you when your order is out for delivery, if you have not received the order or have not found the product as described in the listing, you must contact us within the same days of receiving the product. Also, it is your responsibility to provide us with the right mobile number while placing an order; the company will not be liable if you do not receive the transactional SMS because of the wrong mobile number provided by you.
  1. For orders done by customers residing outside India: An E-mail will be sent to you with the tracking details of your order, if you have not received the order or have not found the product as described in the listing, you must contact us within the same day of receiving the product. Also, it is your responsibility to provide us with the right email address while placing an order; the company will not be liable if you do not receive the E-mail because of the wrong E-mail address provided by you.
  1. In case of COD orders not having service on the specified pin code, you will receive an email from the Amounee along with the bank details. The products will be sent to you either by Indian postal services or through the courier service available at your pin code, once we have received the transaction amount.

All payments for a refund of the Transaction Price shall be as follows and in accordance with the provisions contained herein and applicable laws in India, particularly the directions issued by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time for opening and operation of accounts and settlement of payments for electronic payment transactions.

Refunds shall only be made in Indian Rupees and shall be equivalent to the Transaction Price received. Buyer shall bear any foreign exchange conversion risk, loss, charges or fees if any.

For electronics payments, a refund shall be made through the online Facility using NEFT / RTGS or any other online banking / electronic funds transfer system approved by Reserve Bank India.

Refund shall be subject to the buyer complying with the provisions of the User Agreement and the rules and policies made thereunder and the Company shall have recourse to such refund in case of any misuse by buyer.

Arrangement with the Issuing Bank: 

All transactions conducted on the Website for which Valid Cards and Valid Bank Accounts are used for remittance of payment for Transactions on the Amounee Payment Facility will also be governed by the terms and conditions agreed to between the buyer and the respective Issuing Bank and payment instrument issuing company and you shall not violate any such terms and conditions. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its service providers against any direct or indirect liability that may arise on account of such violation. All online bank transfers from Valid Bank Accounts are processed using the gateway provided by the respective Issuing Bank which supports our online Facility to provide these services to the Users.

Extra Charges:

Other local deliveries: Delivery of items to buyers located in places where octroi or other local taxes and levies are charged will be liable to pay the same to the courier company even though the listing mentioned no such octroi, taxes or levy. Nagpur, Sangli, Dombivili, Nasik, Mumbai, Pimpri & Chinchwardi, Kothrud (Pune), Ahmednagar, Pune, Akola are Octroiable cities. Any applicable octroi will be payable by the customer. Please pay Octroi to the courier company if requested by them in these cities. Amounee is not responsible for any octroi payments. Customs Duty & other international taxes etc. if applicable will have to be borne by the customer according to the laws of the land and these should be paid by the customer himself at the time of delivery.

Date: 7 March 2018