Tangaliya | 8th Jan 2023

Everyone was as excited for our first craft tour as we were. We started from Ahmedabad and reached Surendernagar by 10 am. We were welcomed by Baldevbhai's smiling face and folded hands as we proceeded towards his home.

He directed us towards the terrace where we were served tea as we understood the chages in the craft through traditional products made over 80 years ago. How wool was used as the base material which made the resultant product much heavier than cotton based Tangaliya shawls made today.

Once we understood the basics of Tangaliya, he demonstrated the process of this age old craft. I was reminded of my weaving practicals in college as he prepared warp and spindles for weft. Further, we participated and tried making dots which are the defining feature of this craft. The twists and turns of warp and weft to make a daana left me mesmerised for the intricate detail that go into making of this craft. I was so amazed that only the call for lunch made me stop looking.

We relished bajre ka rotla and baigan ka bharta for lunch. Not to miss the sutble taste of chaas that makes this local delicacy complete. It was a perfect end to our day!