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Ahir embroidery of Gujarat is a rhythmic row of embroidered patterns, circular mirrors encircled with stitches enriching the fabric and material of this kind can be used for home decor, clothing, and other utility. The bright colors of the threads and glittering pieces of mirrors embellish fabric and it is a feeling of grandeur appeal to every soul and remains in the heart. There is an outline stitch, filling and pattern stitches that go in Ahir embroidery. It is all hand-stitched and time taking, yet women folks indulge themselves in this type of embroidery and create striking patterns. There are plenty of stitches that are used to beauty the product. There are many communities that involve themselves in embroidery and each community has their signature sews that distinguish the stitches from the rest. Some of the known communities are rabaris, ahirs, jats, bharwads and Harijans, and they all have their own styles of embroidery. \n \nAhir is the name of the community and they have their set of stitches and techniques hence the embroidery has got its name Ahir embroidery. Basically it is a cow herding and farming community and are called as agricultural tribe. They have a historical background of being warriors, considering fearless, they were also named martial race as well.

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