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Durrie Weaving Floor Runner

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Made by – Viraasat Back2roots Handicrafts producer company limited

This product is hand woven and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.

SHIPPING INFO: Once order recieved, it will take 30 days as it is a made to order product. Dispatched in a minimum of 20 business days to a maximum of 35 business days. Exchange and Cancellation requests will not be acceptable on made to order products.  

MEASUREMENTS: 24 x 65 inches




C ARE: Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle

The Dhurrie making craft of Haryana, India is a traditional art form practiced by skilled artisans. Using pit looms they create vibrant flat-woven rugs. Inspired by nature, artisans incorporate floral, animal, and geometric motifs. Natural materials like cotton, wool and chenille ensure durability. This craft preserves heritage, provides livelihoods, and offers exceptional quality for home decor.

Raw Materials:
The journey begins with the careful selection of raw materials. The
cotton, wool and chenille yarn is carefully sourced by Viraasat production team mainly from Panipat, Haryana and Samana, Punjab. These are of high quality, known for their durability.

Each dhurrie is meticulously crafted, with the artisan skillfully interlacing the colored yarns to bring the design to life. The rhythmic clanking of the loom fills the air as the dhurrie takes shape, imbuing it with a sense of artistry and craftsmanship. Punja Dhurries and Chindi Dhurries are a few styles produced here.

At the heart of this craft are the talented artisans who dedicate their lives to preserving this age-old tradition. The number of weavers is dwindling rapidly as power looms have taken over this industry, killing the ancestry and authenticity of an age old craft. Now there are very few weavers practicing this heritage craft. The upcoming generations of these artisans are choosing not to continue this ancestral gift due to slow paced financial growth in it.

These photos showcase the finished dhurries, radiant in their vibrant colors and intricate designs. Each dhurrie tells a unique story, reflecting the artisan's creativity and the rich cultural tapestry of Haryana. These exquisite creations, brought to you by Viraasat, are not just dhurries, they are an embodiment of tradition, craftsmanship, and the untiring spirit of the artisans.

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AMOUNEE HANDLOOM VENTURES PVT LTD, 401 Shilp Annex, Ahmedabad 382424, PH 99984500900, Email:

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AMOUNEE HANDLOOM VENTURES PVT LTD, 401 Shilp Annex, Ahmedabad 382424, PH 99984500900, Email:

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