Ashavali sarees:

Ashavali sarees are one of the many varieties of product that can be made through using the craft Ashavali.

About Ashavali craft

The weavers of Hindu Khatri community wove narrow borders to be stitched to the odhanis. These borders were decorated by using zari/metallic yarn. They also wove pallu (the end piece of the sari) that was widely worn by the Rabari women during special occasions and festivals. Exclusively intricate and beautiful kinkhabwas also woven on this land. The fabric was so densely woven with extra weft zari/metallic yarns that the silk warp and weft used in the base of the fabric was sparsely visible. The sheen of the fabric made it look glamorous hence, making it a prime choice of the royalties and the elite.

The entire composition of brocades reveals the Mughalesque way of embellishing fabrics. Style of outlining the motifs in contrasting colours was named as minakari or inlay work. This inlay work is the distinctive characteristic of Ashavali brocades. It is believed that kinkhab of Gujarat does not lose a little colour or shine even if kept for ages. Because it was washed in the water of Lake Kankariya. Buy Ashavali sarees & dupattas directly from the artisans.