It was an early winter morning, At the crack of the dawn, I boarded the Saurashtra mail from Ahmedabad. Usually the thought of exploring a new craft or a new cluster really excites me and this was no different. My 1st visit to Jamnagar.

Hemal Bhai- our host for the city lovingly came to pick us up and took us to his old mansion. It had a very warm vibe, cracked walls, greens crawling all over them.

Over a cup of tea, for the next half n hour we discussed his love and passion for bandhini and how much he believes in education. His elder son plans to become an IPS and his younger son plans to join him after completing his MBA.
Then we headed over to a small community named ‘Panchakri’ near ‘Darbargar’ where the ladies would tie the given designs in groups after completing their household chores. This was their time, where they would sing and exchange stories about their day.

Just 15 mins walk from there and we reached the dying unit. Where the sarees are dyed and discharged again and again according to the designs given.

After finishing up with our work it was almost 5pm and we had our bus for 11pm. So with 6hrs in hand we set out to explore a bird sanctuary which was 14kms from the city, but to our disappointment it was closed by the time we reached. But the breezy weather set our mood to go on a local Gandhiji market spree. And that little Badri market left me in awe! The products would range from 500- 50,000/- Inr.

After that, with tired feet we entered Lakhota lake, A beautiful spot in middle of the city for evening walks, Reuniting with friends for variety of local delicacies, There is a museum in middle of the lake, which was again closed because of the timings. During the evenings the museum is turned into a light and sound show explaining the history of Jamnagar.

My feet was giving up hopes, but my mind could not leave the city without visiting the Hare Krishna temple, where Devotees sing and chant Sri Ram 24X7; 365 days and this has been going on for 51years and has received genius book of world record for the same.

Finally we end the day and board the bus with our tired but happy souls!

-Megha Das