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Round MDF Festive Earring

Rs. 399.76
Timeless & handcrafted Jewelry & Lifestyle Brand that not only makes you look good but also does good to People & Planet!

WHE short for Women, handcrafted & Eco-friendly is a design-driven social enterprise started with a vision to employ marginalized women from various rural artisanal clusters using Pro Planet materials & processes as our sole Design inspiration. Our range of products includes Jewelry, Home, and wearable accessories all handcrafted with the hallmark of love, mindfulness, and eco-consciousness!

We also work as Marketing,sales and training mentor to many women micro-enterprises as well as our own full time women work-force. The profitability from your purchase is invested in the life-skill training of these underprivileged women. Our Impact story spans 500+ trained Women, 13+ empowered crafts group, 4000 kilos+ of waste upcycled & counting!

With Amounee, we look forward to coming up with more tales from India through our exquisite product range that also help make the local artisan self-reliant.

Thnks for stopping by :)

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